Abraham F. Lowenthal

Foreign policy expert focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean

Professor of international relations, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
President emeritus, Pacific Council on International Policy


  • Latin American and Caribbean affairs
  • Latin American politics
  • U.S. policy in Mexico, the Caribbean, South America and Central America
  • U.S.-Mexico-Canadian free trade
  • California-Mexico relations
  • U.S. relations with the Pacific Rim
  • Southern California’s international connections
  • global California and its international role
  • diversity and U.S. foreign policy
  • think tanks and U.S. foreign policy
  • institution-building
  • promoting democracy internationally
  • political interaction between countries, localities and societies

Additional Information

  • Author, Partners in Conflict: The United States and Latin America in the 1990s (1990) and The Dominican Intervention (1972)
  • Editor, Exporting Democracy: The United States and Latin America (1991)
  • Co-editor, Constructing Democratic Governance: Latin America in the 1990s (1996), Latin America in a New World (1994) and The California-Mexico Connection (1993)


  • Spanish

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