An update from the University of Southern California vice provost for Student Affairs on Campus Safety / 来自南加州大学的副教务长学生事务有关校园安全更新

August 5, 2014

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The University of Southern California later this week will announce a number of enhancements to further improve what is already one of the most sophisticated and far-reaching security and safety programs in higher education.

In light of the recent tragic death of one of its graduate students, USC is now focusing on additional measures that will provide increased safety on campus and the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, the University has continued to augment safety education efforts, beginning with this summer’s orientation. This mandatory safety education will continue throughout the year, including special programming designed for international students. The university’s neighborhood security ambassadors have returned in full numbers this week as well. ­

USC leaders have been meeting with Chinese student leaders, parents and others to discuss their security concerns, and additional measures will respond to that input. University leaders will continue to consult with them and other groups to devise ways to work together to further improve safety on and around campus, including through improved mandatory safety education.

“We look forward to ongoing discussions with the students and to their active participation in helping us make these further improvements,” said Ainsley Carry, vice provost for Student Affairs. “ We will have follow-up meetings with these student leaders this week and on an ongoing basis during the academic year through university advisory committees and other settings.”




学生事务副教务长Ainsley Carry表示:“我们期待着与学生进行讨论,并通过他们的积极参与协助我们取得进一步改善。 “我们将于本周与学生领袖开后续会议,并将于本学年借助大学咨询委员会和其契机继续保持沟通。”

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