USC Experts

Abdou 1

Cleopatra Abdou

Expert in culture and ethnicity, pregnancy, child development and psychology


Thomas M. Abrams

Award-winning screenwriter and director with expertise in cinema studies and the film industry

James David Adams Jr.

James David Adams Jr.

Expert in medicinal plants, human drug metabolism, herbal remedies, antioxidants and drugs for the treatment of stroke

Paul S. Adler

Paul S. Adler

Management expert specializing in organization design and environmental sustainability

Robert Adler

Robert Adler

Pediatrics expert specializing in child safety, lead exposure and dermatology


David Agus

Expert in cancer research, biotech and personal genomics

Shafiqa Ahmadi 2

Shafiqa Ahmadi

Expert on diversity and legal protection of underrepresented students, including female Muslims and sexual assault survivors

Gene H. Albrecht

Gene H. Albrecht

Anatomy and biostatistics expert specializing in the evolution and morphology of primates

Julie Albright

Julie Albright

Expert in popular culture, infidelity, relationship issues and online dating


Scott A. Altman

Family law expert specializing in alimony, marital property and child support and custody

arun amar

Arun Amar

Expert on spinal cord injuries, aneurysms, strokes and brain tumors

Mike Ananny, expert in new media technology and online journalism

Mike Ananny

Expert in new media technologies, digital journalism, press ethics and public culture

Elaine S. Andersen

Elaine S. Andersen

Expert in children’s language acquisition, parent/child linguistic interaction and the linguistic impairment in normal and atypical aging

lawford anderson

J. Lawford Anderson

Expert on rocks, minerals and the evolution and composition of the Earth’s crust


Steven Anderson

Expert in technology and new media, documentary and experimental film and video, and interactive media design

Mary Andres

Mary Andres

An expert on couples’ counseling, sexuality and drug abuse

Doug Andrews

Doug Andrews

Expert in effective corporate communication strategies


Thomas Anthony

Expert in aviation safety, aviation security and aircraft accident investigations. Can comment on EgyptAir hijacking.

Margo K. Apostolos

Margo K. Apostolos

Dance expert specializing in robot choreography, dance for sports and art and technology

Minolta DSC

Michael A. Arbib

Expert on the evolution of human language, cognitive neuroscience and brain mechanisms

Yigal Arens

Expert in artificial intelligence, digital government and the use of information technology by public institutions

Raquel D. Arias

Raquel D. Arias

Women’s issues expert specializing in menopause, breast disease and contraception

Andrea Armani, expert in the interaction of light and biology, especially biomedical devices

Andrea Armani

Expert in the interaction of light and biology, especially biomedical devices

norman arnheim

Norman Arnheim

Genetics expert specializing in the human genome project and molecular and computational biology

Jerry Arnold

Can comment on accounting policy setting, the Securities and Exchange Commission, private sector policy setting and the needs of small businesses

USC Marshall assistant professor Ravi Aron

Ravi Aron

Expert in outsourcing and global sourcing of services and business processes

Valerie Askanas

Valerie Askanas

Neurology expert specializing in neuromuscular diseases, especially among the elderly

Melvin A. Astrahan

Expert in advanced techniques and software used in radiation treatment of cancer patients


Larry Auerbach

Film industry expert specializing in the role of the agent in television and motion pictures