USC Experts

Arieh Warshel

theoretical molecular biology bioenergetics (study of the biological conversion, storage and transfer of energy) genetic engineering of enzymes design of artificial enzymes for medicine molecular modeling by computer computer-aided drug design photosynthesis biophysical chemistry quantum (theoretical) chemistry

Richard M. Watanabe

pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes mathematical modeling of physiologic systems computational genomics molecular genetics of complex diseases other than cancer applications of biostatistics in molecular biology biostatistics – design and analysis of studies relating health outcomes to environmental exposures

Michael S. Waterman

mathematical approaches to molecular biology and studies of human genetics computational and molecular biology bioinformatics genetic mapping and DNA sequencing probability and statistics combinatorics algorithms

Dr. Fred A. Weaver of the Keck Medicine of USC is an expert in surgical and endovascular management of aortic aneurysms and diseases of the arteries.

Fred A. Weaver

Expert in surgical and endovascular management of aortic aneurysms and diseases of the arteries

Eric Webb

Expert in molecular biology, genetics of marine bacteria and their role in the global food web

William P. Weber

organic polymer chemistry synthesis and characterization of novel polycarbosilanes

Joan Weibel-Orlando

urban and rural American Indians American Indians in Los Angeles ethnicity in old age American Indian drinking patterns American Indian alcoholism treatment practices medical anthropology Italian-American family and community life

Richard A. Weinberg

computer animation multimedia technologies entertainment technology digital media scientific visualization graphics system design

Linda E. Weinberger

Expert on mental health law, mentally ill offenders, and legal issues in psychiatric practices

Mark Weinstein

Expert in law and finance economics, including corporate finance and entertainment industry

Allen M. Weiss

Expert in online, relationship and business-to-business marketing

Martin H. Weiss

Expert in brain surgery, especially related to tumors, nerve disorders and injury

March 15th, 2013

Source Alert: USC Experts on Iraq War, 10 Years Later

Veterans and Social Services

Eugenia Weiss is an expert on PTSD and military families at the USC School of Social Work, which offers a unique Masters of Social Work degree with a concentration in Military Social Work. She can discuss how sequestration cuts to social services will affect veterans, the ripple effects that can impact families, and how little preparation for returning veterans was done before the Iraq invasion. She is fluent in Spanish.

“The war doesn’t end when service members get home. The Veterans Administration is a complex system to navigate and it takes some injured veterans years to get the appropriate care, benefits and resources. Many are disenchanted with the US government or VA, so they seek out services in community agencies that are not equipped with the expertise needed to be able to help these folks.”

Contact at: 949-433-3416 or

Fred Weissman

Expert in pharmacy and health care law and in pharmacy standards

Adlai Wertman

An expert on corporate responsibility, nonprofit management and social entrepreneurship

Josh West

Expert in geoengineering and geology

David Westphal

Expert in global journalism, entrepreneurship and the changing news industry

Expert on the history of the Space Age, Southern California’s aerospace industry and surfing

Peter Westwick

Expert on the history of the Space Age, Southern California’s aerospace industry and surfing

Randall C. Wetzel

pediatric critical care pediatric head trauma pediatric anesthesiology cardiorespiratory interactions informatics/ telemedicine

J. Patrick Whelan

Expert on Catholic bioethics, religion and politics, as well as abortion, contraception and stem cell research

Rev. Mark Whitlock

Expert on church leadership, communities and African American Churches

Joseph S. Wholey

public program and policy evaluation performance measurement performance based management and accountability in public and not-for- profit sectors

Rand R. Wilcox

quantitative psychology statistical methods for comparing groups and performing regression statistical procedures for the social sciences psychometrics

Simon Wilkie

An expert on cable, the Internet and wireless communications — including telecom regulation and indecency law

Peter M. Will

Expert in robots, including those used in disasters, space exploration and manufacturing

Dennis Williams

Expert in ground water engineering and geology, including well design, irrigation and geohydrology

Neftalie Williams, Expert in skateboarding business, media and culture; cultural diplomacy

Neftalie Williams

Expert in skateboarding business, media and culture; cultural diplomacy

Alan Eli Willner

Expert in optical communication systems, including photonic and lightwave technology

John P. Wilson

Expert in geographic information science, spatial analysis and environmental modeling

Jade Winn

Expert in library and information sciences