USC Experts

David Carter

Expert on sports business and sports marketing; can speak on the NBA All-Star Game

Drew Casper

Film expert specializing in genres including science fiction

Laura Castaneda

Expert in diversity and journalism and journalism education

Rudy Castruita

Expert on school budgets and facilities, special education and English-language learners

Sabin Cautis

Expert on algebraic geometry, topology and knot theory

Bill Celis

Expert in K-12 education in America, especially as it relates to Latinos, civil rights and the news media

Serena Cha

Expert in new media, online journalism and broadcast news

Yang Chai

Specialist in craniofacial development and birth defects

Kathleen C. Chambers

learned food aversions and preferences role of learned food aversions in the anorexia that occurs during physical illness and emotional illness influence of the gonadal hormones, estrogens and androgens, on learned behavior sexual behavior motivated behaviors – thermoregulatory behaviors, drinking (water balance), eating, sleeping, parental behaviors, affiliative behaviors, aggressive behaviors and defensive behaviors psychobiology of […]

Allison Chambliss

Expert in clinical chemistry, pharmacogenetics, immunology and molecular pathology

Parakrama T. Chandrasoma

Gastrointestinal Pathology esophageal pathology General Surgical pathology tumor pathology Stereotactic Brain Biopsy

Tu-Nan Chang

issues relating to Taiwan and China internationalization of higher education theoretical, atomic, molecular and optical physics many-body theory and its application to atomic structure and photoionization applications in astrophysics and laser development computational sciences

Michael A. Chasalow

Expert in corporate law, insider trading, venture capital, corporate governance and shareholder agreements

Richard B. Chase

Expert in the service industry, customer relations and operations management

Henry Cheeseman

Expert on the interrelationship of law with economics and finance

Baizhu Chen

Expert on monetary policy, private investment, international finance and Chinese financial market reforms

Chih-Kuang Chen

microbes as causal factors in periodontal disease molecular detection of periodontal pathogens clonal diversity of periodontal pathogens bacterial biofilms periodontal disease – disease of the structures supporting the teeth, i.e., the gums, periodontal membrane and alveolar bone periodontology periodontics

Jeannie Chen

mechanisms of visual adaptation mouse models of genetic diseases affecting vision macular degeneration

Joseph Chen

A specialist in asset pricing, behavioral finance and market anomalies

Steven Chen

Expert in chronic disease and medication therapy management in primary care settings

Tim Ting Chen

applications of computer science and mathematics in biology and medicine computational biology (bioinformatics), including the discovery of gene regulatory relations from gene expression data analysis; peptide identification, sequencing and quantification via HPLC-tandem mass spectrometry; and protein/protein interactions analysis of algorithms, including string algorithms, graph algorithms, computational geometry, randomized algorithms and approximation algorithms evolutionary biology and […]

Wayne Chen

Expert in geriatric care, including home visits, fall prevention and rehabilitation

Meiling Cheng

An expert on performance art, body art, contemporary Euro-American experimental theater and modern Chinese live art

Dominic Cheung

East-West comparative literature Chinese literature and culture modern poetry Chinese literature and thought (mainland and Taiwan) East-West literary theories

Yao-Yi Chiang of the USC Dornsife College is an expert in artificial intelligence and geographic information systems, including analysis of images and moving data (e.g., drones, mobile phones) to create accurate maps. (USC/2013)

Yao-Yi Chiang

Expert in artificial intelligence and geographic information systems, including analysis of images and moving data (e.g., drones, mobile phones) to create accurate maps
Mike Chinoy, expert in East Asian foreign policy

Mike Chinoy

Expert on East Asian politics and foreign policy, and international journalism.

Mina Chow

Expert on religious, retail and entertainment architecture, and on the latest design trends

Robert Hsiu-Ping Chow

Expert in hormone systems, nerve cell communication, and the neuroscience of diabetes

Sandra Chrystal

leadership and communication skills business email employee communication social media applications business ethics crisis communications social responsibility computer-aided education, including online pedagogy

Ruth Chung

An expert on Asian American cultural identity, mental health and intergenerational conflict

Cheng-Ming Chuong

developmental pathology skin, hair and feather development congenital malformations adhesion molecular and homeobox genes organ formation molecular basis of embryonic induction developmental biology of epithelial organ formation

Joseph A. Church

pediatric clinical immunology AIDS/ HIV in children diagnosis and management of patients with primary immune deficiencies

James C. Cicciarelli

histocompatibility matching and kidney graft survival renal and multi-organ transplantation bone marrow donation and tissue typing post-transplant immune monitoring cord blood registry post-transplant monitoring

Paula Cizmar

Expert in social, human, and environmental issues in theatre

Glenn Clark

An expert on sleep apnea, oral pain and TMJ

Peter Clarke

Expert in communication about health and medical care, public health

Gerhard Clausing

Expert in German language instruction and applied linguistics

Roger A. Clemens

Expert in pediatric nutrition, probiotics, food safety and toxicology, and food processing

Thomas D. Coates

Expert in sickle cell disease, pediatric hematology and blood coagulation defects