Edwin M. Smith

Law expert on the U.N. and international crises such as Syria

Leon Benwell Professor of Law, International Relations and Political Science
USC Gould School


  • Election 2016
  • international law
  • constitutional law and foreign relations
  • the role of Congress in defense and intelligence policy
  • arms control
  • the prevention and management of international crises
  • democracy and national security
  • ethics and international relations
  • constitutional checks and balances in U.S. federal government relating to foreign policy
  • the separation of powers relating to foreign policy
  • the United Nations
  • Senate and treaty ratification
  • war powers
  • international organizations
  • arms, security and defense
  • disarmament
  • the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
  • peacekeeping

Additional Information

  • Co-author, Congressional Authorization of Nuclear First Use: Problems of Implementation (1985) and The United Nations in the 21st Century (1994)
  • Served as special counsel for foreign policy to U.S. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan
  • Chaired the Board of the Academic Council on the United Nations System
  • Served as consultant to the U.S. Department of State
  • Served on the Science and Policy Advisory Committee, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

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