Joseph D. Touch

Expert on the Internet and Internet development

Director, Postel Center for Experimental Networking, Information Sciences Institute
Research assistant professor of Computer Science and EE/Systems, USC Viterbi School of Engineering


  • satellite Internets
  • future Internet projects and research
  • network neutrality
  • Internet privacy
  • clean slate Internet research
  • Internet architecture
  • Internet engineering
  • Internet protocols (especially TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS)
  • high-speed networks
  • virtual networks (VPNs, overlays)
  • communication latency
  • Web servers and caches (including multicast Web caching)
  • optical networks
  • interplanetary networks
  • empirical protocol and system performance analysis
  • computer networking systems
  • geographic networks
  • network interface hardware (network interfaces, router architectures)

Additional Information

  • Participates in Internet standards (IETF)
  • Serves on numerous IEEE, ACM and independent conference steering committees in future Internet and computer communications
  • Developed components of an all-optical router, and is a task co-leader of the NSF CIAN ERC (optical access network research center)
  • Developing a network protocol system for a distributed satellite cluster
  • Served as an adviser to a DOD satellite Internet project
  • Developed the new TCP security protocol TCP-AO with a team in the IETF
  • ACM Distinguished Scientist

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