LAPD arrests in Xinran Ji case: USC statement (洛杉矶警察局于2014年7月28入口举行了新闻发布会,宣布逮捕了研究生纪欣然死亡的四名嫌犯,南加州大学新闻发布会上的发言)

July 28, 2014

The following are USC remarks from a press conference held by the Los Angeles Police Department on July 28 to announce the arrest of four suspects in the death of graduate student Xinran Ji.

Statement from Todd Dickey

My name is Todd Dickey and I’m USC’s senior vice president for administration. In that role one of my responsibilities is the oversight of USC’s Department of Public Safety.

Before I express the university’s gratitude and relief at the success of this investigation, I want to acknowledge the immeasurable pain being experienced by the family and friends of Xinran Ji. On behalf of USC President Max Nikias, we want Xinran’s family and friends to know that the entire USC community mourns with them. Xinran enrolled at USC in fall of 2013 as a master’s student in electrical engineering. He had been an outstanding student at Zhejiang University in China, where he won a scholarship for excellence in research and innovation. He also won third prize in Zhejiang University’s mathematical modeling contest, and he was a vice director and senior press photographer for a popular student news site. Xinran was an avid photographer, loved cycling and enjoyed playing badminton, and he was an excellent student and a talented researcher.

No arrest or conviction in this case can ever achieve true justice, because that could only come about by the return of Xinran to his loved ones.

But the news today of the arrest of four suspects allows us to start moving forward from the shock of this tragedy. I cannot overstate the admiration and appreciation we feel for the Los Angeles Police Department, and for the leadership of Chief Charlie Beck and Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger, and the many officers working on this case who are here today. The LAPD identified and apprehended the suspects within hours of the assault that caused Xinran’s fatal injuries. Detectives worked around the clock to build the case that led to the charges announced today. So thank you to everyone at the LAPD.

I also want to thank and acknowledge our USC Department of Public Safety, led by Chief John Thomas, whose security technology made an important contribution to the investigation.

All of us at USC will continue to do our best to provide a secure environment for our campus and the area around it, hoping to avoid such senseless tragedies. The university and the LAPD together have significantly improved security on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods.  We recognize however that statistics provide little consolation when we lose one of our own.

Unfortunately, tragic events of this kind can take place despite our best efforts, and our entire community is grieving the loss of our student.  We will redouble our efforts to inform our students of the many security resources available to them, and we will continue to work with the LAPD and focus on further improving security in our neighborhood. We are reviewing everything. Nothing is off the table. Our students are our highest priority

USC as a community continues to grieve deeply for Xinran, his family and his friends.  The USC Viterbi School of Engineering will hold a memorial to celebrate his life when his parents are here later this week. Thank you.


我叫Todd Dickey,是南加州大学的资深行政管理副校长。我的工作职责之一是监督南加州大学的公共安全部。

在我对这项调查的成功表示感谢和欣慰之前,我想要承认纪欣然(Xinran Ji的音译)的家人和朋友正在经历的无法估量的痛苦。在此代表南加州大学Max Nikias校长,我们想让欣然的家人和朋友知道,整个南加州大学社区为他们哀悼。欣然于2013年秋季就读于南加州大学,攻读电气工程硕士学位。他曾经 是中国浙江大学的一名优秀学生,在那里因卓越的研究和创新而赢得了奖学金。他还在浙江大学数学建模竞赛中赢得了三等奖,他也是一个倍受学生欢迎的新闻网站 的副主任兼资深新闻摄影者。欣然是一名充满热情的摄影者,爱骑自行车,喜欢打羽毛球,他是一名优秀学生和才华横溢的研究者。


但是,今天四名嫌犯被捕的消息使我们开始从这个悲剧的震惊中走出来。言语无法表达我们对洛杉矶警察局(LAPD)、查理·贝克局长、艾尔·培圣尔助 理局长以及今天出席的为这个案子工作的警员的钦佩和感激。LAPD在使欣然遭到致命伤害攻击的数小时之内便找出和逮捕了嫌犯。侦探夜以继日地工作带来了今 天宣布的指控。所以,感谢LAPD的每一位。



不幸的是,尽管我们尽了最大的努力,这类悲剧事件仍可能发生,我们整个社区为失去一位学生深感悲痛。我们将加倍努力把可以使用的许多安全资源告知学 生们,并且我们将继续与LAPD合作,注重进一步改善我们社区的安全。我们正在检讨一切,一切都在检讨之中。我们的学生是我们的头等大事。




南加州大学通过签约聘请私人保安公司增强校园区域的公共安全。这些保安大使不配备武器,也没有逮捕权,他们补充正常部署的南加州大学公共安全部 (DPS)保安人员和LAPD的警员。夏季月份大多数学生离开了校园,因此补充的保安大使人数减少。DPS保安人员和LAPD警员的每天24小时部署全年 保持不变。