Nake M. Kamrany

Expert on Afghanistan, the world economy, the fiscal cliff

Senior Lecturer of Economics
Director, Program in Law and Economics


  • Afghanistan, particularly its political economy
  • the world economy
  • economics of technological change and productivity
  • economic analysis of law
  • the fiscal cliff
  • the national debt
  • recession policy
  • national budget
  • inflation
  • the Federal Reserve system
  • legal issues including the gender gap, incarceration and healthcare

Additional Information

  • Regular columnist for The Huffington Post
  • Expert witness in law cases including medical malpractice and economic damages sustained by a plaintiff. Has been retained on 200 legal cases to estimate the present and future values of damages
  • Author and innovator on global convergence of per capita income among nations of the world


  • Farsi
  • Pashto

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