Tom Sito

Expert in the Hollywood animation industry, especially CGI

Professor of Cinema Practice, John C. Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts


  • animation
  • Hollywood animation industry
  • cartoons
  • history of computer animation

Additional Information

  • Walt Disney animator, 1987-1995
  • animator of Disney films such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King
  • animator of DreamWorks films such as Shrek and The Prince of Egypt
  • author, Drawing the Line: The Untold Story of the Animation Unions from Bosko to Bart Simpson
  • author, Moving Innovation: A History of Computer Animation
  • winner, 2011 June Foray Award for outstanding service to the animation community
  • member, AMPAS for animation
  • member, National Cartoonists Society
  • vice president, ASIFA of Hollywood
  • president-emeritus, Hollywood Animation Guild, Local#839 LATSE
  • named in Animation Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Important People in Animation, 1998

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