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USC in the News 6/21/2012

Featured Stories

Foreign Affairs ran an op-ed by USC Annenberg School Dean Ernest J. Wilson III about Silicon Valley companies needing government policies that foster further growth, both at home and abroad. The recent opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act was a rare moment of unity for a broad industry that has often avoided investing itself in the affairs of Washington, Wilson wrote. "The firms with the greatest investment in a new digital foreign policy must collectively put forward a framework outlining what a new Silicon Valley foreign policy would look like, and then engage with think tanks, universities, and governments at all levels to explain their preferred policies," Wilson added.

Los Angeles Times covered an open-heart surgery performed by Vaughn Starnes of the Keck School of USC on a child actor who had appeared in a Darth Vader mask in a car commercial. The surgery was performed at Children's Hospital Los Angeles on seven-year-old Max Page, who was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. "We had to replace his pulmonary valve and we did it without incident," Starnes told Reuters. The condition restricted the flow of blood to Page's heart, reported ABC News' "World News." "Imagine trying to water your garden through a straw," said Michael Silka of the Keck School. CBS News Los Angeles affiliate KCBS-TV reported that after the surgery, the patient did well. "He is in very good condition," said Sylvia Del Castillo-Beaupre of the Keck School. The story was also covered by CNN, People, E! Online, NBC News' "Today," two CW News Los Angeles affiliate KTLA-TV stories (second link here), a second KCBS story, ABC Radio Los Angeles affiliate WLS-AM and NBC News Los Angeles affiliate KNBC-TV.

BBC News (U.K.) featured a robotic finger developed at the USC Viterbi School that can identify materials better than a human can. A study, authored by Gerald Loeb of the USC Viterbi School and recent USC doctoral graduate Jeremy Fishel, trained the finger on 117 common materials, including paper, wood and sponge. The research was also covered by MSNBC, Popular Science, Agence France-Presse, The Huffington Post, Gizmodo, GlobalPost, PCWorld, The Sunday Business Post (Ireland), Stuff, Haaretz (Israel), two Telam (Argentina) stories (second link here), Radio Programas del Peru (Peru) and RT (Russia).

National Geographic featured a study by Sarah Feakins of the USC Dornsife College and colleagues, finding that ancient Antarctica was once much warmer and wetter than previously thought ... and that climate change could return it to those conditions. Examining the chemical information in leaf wax, the study's authors could discern what the climate conditions were like millions of years ago.

The European Financial Review ran an excerpt from "Real-Time Diplomacy: Politics and Power in the Social Media Era" by Philip Seib of the USC Annenberg School. The book details how the social media revolution changed the political dialogue not just on streets around the world, but in the halls of foreign ministries. Power is shifting in favor of individual citizens, Seib wrote. "Governments must learn to cope with political developments that proceed at an ever faster pace," he added.

Los Angeles Business Journal reported that a company started by USC Marshall School alumnus Eric Mear won $5,000 from the school's New Venture Competition. Mear developed an indoor tent that college students can set up on their beds to maintain privacy, even when they're sharing a dorm room. "It serves a very specific niche and that's college students," said Albert Napoli of the USC Marshall School.

Experts Quoted

Los Angeles Times quoted Johanna Olson of the Keck School of USC about puberty-blocking drugs taken by transgender children.

The Oregonian quoted Ira Kalb of the USC Marshall School about Nike's appeal in the gay and lesbian consumer market.

CBS News Los Angeles affiliate KCBS-TV interviewed Lilyana Amezcua of the Keck School of USC about reality star Jack Osbourne's multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

CBS News Los Angeles affiliate KCAL-TV interviewed Edwin Smith of the USC Gould School about former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

NBC News Los Angeles affiliate KNBC-TV interviewed Margaret Burnett of the Keck School of USC about multiple sclerosis and reality star Jack Osbourne's diagnosis.

KWHY-TV interviewed Lilyana Amezcua of the Keck School of USC about multiple sclerosis and Latinos.