USC in the News

USC In the News 3/17/2017

CNN ran an op-ed by Edward Kleinbard of the USC Gould School on President Trump's recently released budget plan. "This strategy follows closely the fiscal agenda of Ronald Reagan -- modern history's most fiscally irresponsible President," wrote Kleinbard.

NBC News featured research by Albert "Skip" Rizzo of the USC Institute for Creative Technologies on the application of virtual reality in treating soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Rizzo and colleagues use virtual reality as a form of exposure therapy. "In some sense it's the perfect application because we can take evidence-based treatments and use it as a tool to amplify the effect of the treatment," said Rizzo.

Healthline featured a study by Valter Longo of the USC Davis School on the benefits of intermittent fasting for people with diabetes. According to Longo's research, implementing a "fasting-mimicking" diet on a regular basis can possibly reverse the effects of diabetes on the pancreas. The study was also covered by Science Alert.

Pasadena Now featured the annual USC Alumni Association Day of SCervice project in that city. Trojan volunteers organized a day of arts and crafts for foster children living at the Hillsides care facility.

Campaign Live quoted Sook-Lei Liew of the USC Chan Division and Keck Medicine of USC on the ways that virtual reality can "trick" the brain, affecting behavior even after the VR experience has ended.

The New York Times, in a story on international student recruitment to U.S. colleges and universities, mentioned that USC was one of a few institutions that saw international student enrollment increase slightly this year.

Los Angeles Times mentioned that USC will host the 2017 Festival of Books April 22-23.

KPCC-FM mentioned that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the primary source of research funding at USC, among other Southern California universities.

The American Spectator noted that the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Political Journalism is awarded by the USC Annenberg School's Norman Lear Center.

Los Angeles Business Journal mentioned that the USC Marshall School MBA program was ranked 24th in America by U.S. News & World Report.