USC in the News

USC In the News 3/31/2017

USA Today featured a video showcasing the research by Nora Ayanian of the USC Viterbi School to program drones to fly in specific formations. Ayanian and her graduate students hope to refine their programming so "packs" of drones can perform complex tasks without having to program each individual unit.

KPCC-FM featured research by Ann Owens of the USC Dornsife College on the level of economic and racial segregation in neighborhoods and the local primary schools. While school choice can lead to "small declines in residential segregation," Owens found evidence white parents are reluctant to send their children to schools with large minority populations. Owens suggests school choice can integrate neighborhoods, but may increase segregation in classrooms. "It can be a good news-bad news story," Owens said.

The Washington Post quoted Nicholas Cull of the USC Annenberg School's Center on Public Diplomacy on the value of cultural diplomacy when political relations are fraught.

Los Angeles Times quoted David Kang of the USC Dornsife College's Korean Studies Institute on the tragic life of South Korea's latest ex-president.

Associated Press quoted David Carter of the USC Marshall School's Sports Business Institute on the relationship between Nike founder Phil Knight and the University of Oregon's athletic program.

USA Today quoted Mary Andres of the USC Rossier School about the question of intimacy when couples choose to sleep in separate rooms.

The Toronto Star quoted David Agus of Keck Medicine of USC on his predictions for the future of preventative medical care.

Providence Journal quoted Milind Tambe of the USC Viterbi School on the social applications of artificial intelligence to improve society.

Xinhua News Agency quoted Michael Peyser of the USC School of Cinematic Arts on the integration of Chinese elements into American produced films.

The New York Times mentioned research by Emilio Ferrara of the USC Viterbi School's Information Sciences Institute and colleagues on the high percentage of bots on Twitter.

Los Angeles Times mentioned the USC Institute for Creative Technologies helped develop the Oculus VR headset.

The Orange County Register mentioned the USC Village construction project in a story about a nail salon with a planned location in the complex.

L.A. Watts Times cited comments by Jody Armour of the USC Gould School on the Los Angeles Police Department's proposal to leave the release of police body camera footage up to popular vote.

L'Italo Americano published a Q&A with Gale Sinatra of the USC Rossier School about her research on how people's emotions interact with scientific information.