USC in the News

USC In the News 8/3/2017

The Washington Post published commentary by Shaun Harper of the USC Rossier School's Race and Equity Center on how the new Justice Department's plan to sue schools for anti-white bias would reinforce white supremacy. "If the Trump administration wants to represent the best interest of white students, it should leave legally sanctioned affirmative action programs alone," he wrote. According to Harper, by "protecting" white students, the Trump administration aims to maintain the status quo in government and ensure black and Latino students continue to enroll in college at rates smaller than their share of the overall population. The Philadelphia Inquirer quoted Harper on how white applicants continue to receive preferential treatment at colleges.

The Washington Post (in an Associated Press story) reported the Hollywood Foreign Press Association presented a $2 million endowment gift to the International Student Support Fund, which will help fund the education of current and future international scholars in perpetuity. Variety also quoted USC School of Cinematic Arts Elizabeth Daly about the importance of the gift. "The more different perspectives you put together, you come out with something much richer and important — aesthetically, artistically, whatever criteria you want to put — than if you have a homogeneity in the production," said Daly.

ABC News Los Angeles affiliate KABC-TV featured research by Genevieve Dunton and Kayla de la Haye of Keck Medicine of USC that found overweight children are more likely to have fewer friends than their classmates and more likely to be shunned due to their weight.  Due to the social isolation, larger children experience an increased risk for loneliness, depression and poor health.

Slate featured research by Daniel Benjamin of the USC Dornsife College about a stricter standard for statistical significance in research studies. The researchers believe a lower P value will save resources previously wasted on false-positive results and claims with P values between 0.05 and 0.005 should only be treated as "suggestive evidence."

Slate's "The Gist" highlighted work by Tracy Fullerton, director of USC Games, to create a video game based on Henry David Thoreau's description of Walden Woods. Players must build a cabin, spend time in the outdoors and sustain themselves while excerpts of Walden serve to inspire their efforts.

The Washington Post interviewed Travis Longcore of the USC Dornsife College and USC School of Architecture on the impact artificial lights, including nighttime lights, have on pollination.

Los Angeles Times quoted Estela Mara Bensimon of the USC Rossier School on how college admission criteria has changed over time depending on who colleges wanted to advantage.

The Chronicle of Higher Education quoted Don Hossler of the USC Rossier School's Center for Enrollment Research, Policy and Practice on how rescinding admission to students who turned in transcripts late disadvantaged low-income and first-generation students at University of California, Irvine.

Consumer Reports quoted Michael Hochman of Keck Medicine of USC about the risks and benefits of continuing medications when an individual has limited life expectancy.

Quartz quoted Chris Kyriakakis of the USC Viterbi School's Signal and Image Processing Institute on how music production diminishes the quality of the sound of a live performance.

Deadline quoted Stanley Rosen of the USC Dornsife College on how purchases and investment by the Dailan Wanda Group seem aggressive in comparison to the practices of the Chinese government and other Chinese companies.

The Washington Post (in an Associated Press story) noted a new report by Stacy Smith of the USC Annenberg School's Media, Diversity & Social Change Initiative and colleagues on the continuing underrepresentation of women and minorities in the entertainment industry. The Seattle Times, ATTN:, Essence, Elle and InStyle mentioned the study. Vox cited Smith's study from last year on the same topic.

KPCC-FM mentioned USC will host the media village for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

Fox News and Daily Mail (UK) reported on charges of assault against a USC student.

Forbes mentioned USC is No. 3 among universities that excel academically and athletically. Forbes also named USC as one of the top colleges in the West.

Minneapolis Star Tribune cited research by Noam Wasserman of the USC Marshall School's Grief Center on the success of companies that maintain their founding CEOs in the same role.