USC in the News

USC In the News 8/8/2017

The Economist featured a review of the book 'The Sum of Small Things' by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett of the USC Price School. Currid-Halkett argues that instead of focusing on “conspicuous consumption,” the new cultural elite want to be seen as the “aspirational class.” Currid-Halkett's book explores how poorer people devote a higher share of their spending to conspicuous choices, while the wealthy devote more of their spending to services and experiences, such as education for their children or world travel, rather than goods.

New York Magazine's "Science of Us" featured research by Kristin Diehl of the USC Marshall School and colleagues on how taking photos increases an individual's enjoyment of an experience. The same is true for negative experiences - those who take photos enjoy it even less than others. While some people write down reminders to get them "out" of their brain, taking a photograph inscribes more meaning to the moment.

The Atlantic's "CityLab" featured research by Davide Proserpio of the USC Marshall School and colleagues analyzing the impact of Airbnb listings by ZIP code in 100 of the largest metro areas. In preliminary findings, researchers suggest that a 10 percent growth in Airbnb listings in an area correlates with an average increase in rents within the same ZIP code by 0.4 percent.

LA Weekly featured research by Hernan Galperin and colleagues from the USC Annenberg School finding that schoolchildren in South Los Angeles are 26 percent less likely to have access to high-speed internet at home than peers countywide. Galperin points to the cost of high-speed internet access as the primary limiting factor, though when controlling for the variable of home income, minority students are still less likely to have access to high-speed internet.

Xinhua News Agency featured research by George Ban-Weiss of the USC Viterbi School that found some of the materials used to construct "cool roofing" may contribute to overall air pollution in a region. "This study highlights the importance of considering how strategies used to mitigate one environmental issue can have co-benefits and/or unintended consequences on other environmental systems," said Ban-Weiss.

The Washington Post (in an Associated Press story) quoted Fernando Zapatero of the USC Marshall School about why if an individual compares his or her spending habits to others, that might drive them to financial success.

The Washington Post quoted Emilio Ferrara of the USC Viterbi School's Information Sciences Institute about his research that found between 19 and 20 percent of the Twitter messages posted before the 2016 presidential election were originated by bots.

NBC News quoted Steve Kay of the USC Michelson Center on how artificial light - from devices like cell phones - can interrupt a person's circadian clocks and affect sleeping patterns.

Bloomberg quoted Dowell Myers of the USC Price School on why the longevity of baby boomers impacts the housing market for millennials.

Wired quoted Todd Richmond and David Nelson of the USC Institute for Creative Technologies on how Disney's "Magic Bench" uses augmented reality technology in a new way.

U.S. News & World Report quoted Joshua Tobin of Keck Medicine of USC on how strenuous exercise without proper training or preparation can lead to rhabdomyolysis and kidney failure.

KCRW-FM interviewed Mike Chinoy of the USC Annenberg School's U.S.-China Institute about North Korea's political response to new sanctions by the United Nations.

The Washington Post noted Jacob Soll and Ellen Wayland-Smith of the USC Dornsife College received grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities to write non-fiction books for general audiences.

Los Angeles Times mentioned Ivan Nikkhoo of the USC Marshall School is an investor in the cybersecurity company Cujo.

Inside Higher Ed cited a letter signed by USC Gould School Dean Andrew Guzman and other law school deans around the country questioning the importance of standardized tests in law school admissions requirements.

Fox & Hounds Daily published commentary Sherry Bebitch Jeffe of the USC Price School and Doug Jeffe on how California Democrats have capitalized on President Donald Trump's unpopularity.

Hyperallergic mentioned Josh Kun of the USC Annenberg School organized a listening party at the California African American Museum on how music and media informed Angelenos' understanding of events during the 1960s and 1990s.

Architectural Digest noted the USC Fisher Museum will host one of the headlining exhibits for the citywide "Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA" showcase.

Independent Journal Review reported sexual assault charges were dropped against a USC student.