USC in the News

USC In the News 11/3/2017

National Geographic featured a discovery by James Askew, graduate student at the USC Dornsife College, and colleagues that identified a new species of orangutan. Askew noticed that Batang Toru males made different calls than orangutans he recorded in Sumatra and Borneo. Askew was named as part of the team that made the official discovery.

Daily Mail (UK) featured research by Alexandra Ycaza Herrera of the USC Leonard Davis School on how hormone replacement therapy may protect menopausal women from stress-related memory loss. "'Although more research is needed, this may make estrogen therapy more attractive as a treatment for menopausal symptoms as well as a potential preventative strategy against a host of other age-related declines," she said.

The New York Times (in an Associated Press story) quoted Edward Kleinbard of the USC Gould School on why efforts to encourage repatriation of corporate profits will not result in increased investment within the United States. Los Angeles Times quoted Kleinbard about the capital gains tax.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Kevin Murphy of the USC Marshall School on how the tax code is an ineffective means to regulate executive compensation.

Los Angeles Times quoted Richard Green of the USC Lusk Center on how the GOP tax plan would impact home prices in Los Angeles.

Inside Higher Ed quoted Shaun Harper of the USC Rossier School's Race and Equity Center about the impact of racial bullying in residential life at universities.

The Today Show quoted Todd Morgan of the USC Leonard Davis School about the need for more clinical research on the benefits of intermittent fasting.

The Cincinnati Enquirer quoted David Carter of the USC Marshall School's Sports Business Institute about the benefits of strategic partnerships between brands and university athletic programs.

Los Angeles Times, in a story about how the GOP’s tax reform proposal will impact private college endowments, mentioned USC.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, in a story about how the proposed tax reform would impact college endowments, mentioned USC.

U.S. News & World Report mentioned the USC Marshall School as a prestigious institution offering an online MBA program.