Wei-Min Shen

Expert on robotics and artificial intelligence

Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science, School of Engineering
Senior Research Scientist and Project Leader, Intelligent Systems Division, Information Sciences Institute


  • machine learning and computational learning
  • robotics and intelligent systems
  • autonomous learning agents and robots
  • self-reconfigurable robots — mobile agents that can autonomously learn from their environment based on their own actions, perceptions and missions
  • automatic knowledge discovery from databases
  • multi-agent robotics systems — adaptive and self-organizing agent teams
  • building integrated robots for soccer competition
  • digital hormones supporting control and communication among self-reconfigurable autonomous systems
  • distributed, scalable, robust and adaptive software systems
  • knowledge and data engineering
  • decision support systems
  • data mining techniques
  • artificial intelligence

Additional Information

      Project Leader, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp.


      Principal Investigator for DARPA, AFOSR and NSF in the areas of self-reconfigurable robots, digital hormones, autonomous learning agents and data mining


      Author of

Autonomous Learning from the Environment

      (1994) and

The Handbook of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery



    Editorial Board Member, Intelligent Data Analysis


  • Mandarin

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