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Daniel Lidar

Expert in quantum systems and quantum information processing

Daniel R. Mishell Jr.

Expert in gynecology, fertility, menopause, contraception and reproductive endocrinology

Daniel M. Hays

pediatric surgical oncology economic problems of cancer survivors late effects of long-term survivors of childhood cancer Daniel M. Hays Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics, Keck School of Medicine and Childrens…

Daniel Pollack

Expert in keyboard studies, concert pianists and classical music in Russia

Daniel O. Stram

…neuroblastoma and relapsed childhood leukemias Daniel O. Stram Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine, Division of Biostatistics, Keck School of Medicine and Children’s Cancer Group Medicine Preventive Medicine (Division of Biostatistics)…

P. Daniel Dapkus

future generation of lasers photonic technology fiber optics fabrication of novel materials and structures for opto-electronic circuits and devices innovative materials technologies P. Daniel Dapkus Chair of the Department of…

Daniel Broek

Expert on gene expression and cell and tumor growth

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