Ajitesh Srivastava

Research Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

USC Viterbi School of Engineering


  • forecasting
  • epidemiology
  • machine learning
  • network science
  • social networks
  • artificial intelligence
  • social good

Additional Information

  • Actively involved in COVID-19 forecasting with the CDC, ECDC and other forecasting efforts around the world.
  • Generating daily forecasts for up to county/districts around the world (20,000 locations).
  • One of the winners of the 2014-15 DARPA Grand Challenge on Chikungunya forecasting.  
  • Working on how to apply AI and network science to real-world problems.
  • Worked on reducing violence among the homeless that demonstrated success in a pilot study. I also work on how to make programs faster using AI.


  • Bengali
  • Hindi

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