Bryan M. Langholz

Expert in how one’s environment affects risk for disease, especially cancer

Research Professor of Preventive Medicine

Division of Biostatistics

Keck School of Medicine of USC


  • Genetic and environmental factors in childhood diabetes
  • Interactive effect of genes and radiation in the risk of cancer
  • Pesticides and cancer
  • Electro-magnetic fields and cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Treatments for prostate cancer
  • Toxicity of chemotheraputic agents in the treatment of childhood cancers
  • Stem cell transplant for relapsed patients
  • biostatistical methodology for use in the
    design and analysis of epidemiologic
    studies of cancer and other chronic
  • sampling strategies in epidemiologic
    cohort studies
  • biostatistics – design and analysis of
    studies relating health outcomes to
    environmental exposures


  • German

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