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May 15th, 2021

Commencement at the Coliseum: Media RSVP Guidelines

The following media guidelines are for journalists who wish to attend any of the USC Commencement ceremonies from Saturday, May 15 through Thursday, May 20 Contact: USC Media Relations, or (213) 740-2215 To celebrate the graduating classes of 2020 and 2021, USC is hosting ceremonies twice a day for a week, at 8:30 a.m. […]

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October 5th, 2021

USC experts assess damage, impact from Huntington Beach oil spill

A smell both unfamiliar and unwanted hangs over the northern Orange County coast, as oil fouls the irreplaceable air, water and marshlands. A spill estimated at 126,000 gallons has closed beaches and shaken Californians already reeling from the combined environmental impacts of drought and wildfires. USC experts are ready to talk about the spill’s impact and […]

October 18th, 2022

This Week: Polarization as a political strategy; votes that support LGBTQ+ rights depend upon who you know; Americans’ views on controversial school topics

    Good morning from USC Media Relations. With the midterms looming and speculation about the 2024 presidential election on the rise, put these four USC experts on your radar. One developed a ‘polarization index’ which tracks what’s dividing us; another studies what motivates both conservatives and liberals to support gay rights, and finally, two […]

Wael AbdAlmageed

Expert in applying large-scale machine learning techniques to computer vision and image processing problems, implementing machine learning and computer vision algorithms on modern high performance and distributed computing platforms

Thomas M. Abrams

Award-winning screenwriter and director with expertise in cinema studies and the film industry

Leonard Adleman

Expert in DNA computing and the protection of electronic data

Paul S. Adler

Management expert specializing in organization design and environmental sustainability

Robert Adler

Pediatrics expert specializing in child safety, lead exposure and dermatology

Stephen Aguilar

Learning analytics Educational psychology Motivation & self-regulated learning Digital equity Learning technologies

David Agus

Expert in prostate cancer and breast cancer research, biotech and personal genomics

Kamy Akhavan

Expert in polarization, unconscious bias, politics, nonprofit, leadership, tribalism, bridging divides, media literacy, civics, debate, management.

Shafiqa Ahmadi

Expert on diversity and legal protection of underrepresented students, including female Muslims and sexual assault survivors

Gene H. Albrecht

Anatomy and biostatistics expert specializing in the evolution and morphology of primates

Julie Albright

Expert in popular culture, infidelity, relationship issues and online dating

Tereza Alexandre

Expert in measuring and disseminating the impact of large entities, including non-profit and for-profit, as well as higher education, and academia organizations

Jon-Patrick Allem

Expert in social media, health communication, and emerging tobacco products.


Evelyn Alsultany, Associate Professor, American Studies and Ethnicity, black and white portrait photo with colored background.

Evelyn Alsultany

Expert in history of representations of Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. media and on forms of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism.

Scott A. Altman

Family law expert specializing in alimony, marital property and child support and custody

Arun Amar

Expert on spinal cord injuries, aneurysms, strokes and brain tumors

Mike Ananny, expert in new media technology and online journalism

Mike Ananny

Expert in new media technologies, digital journalism, press ethics and public culture

Elaine S. Andersen

Expert in children’s language acquisition, parent/child linguistic interaction and the linguistic impairment in normal and atypical aging

Mary Andres

An expert on couples’ counseling, sexuality and drug abuse

Doug Andrews

Expert in effective corporate communication strategies

Margo K. Apostolos

Expert in robot dance choreography, dance for sports and art and technology

Yigal Arens

Expert in artificial intelligence, digital government and the use of information technology by public institutions

Raquel D. Arias

Women’s issues expert specializing in menopause, breast disease and contraception

Andrea Armani, expert in the interaction of light and biology, especially biomedical devices

Andrea Armani

Expert in materials and laser-based devices, especially for quantum applications and biomedical diagnostics

Scott Armanini

Disruptive Innovation Entrepreneurship Startups Venture Capital