USC Experts

T. Em Arpawong, PhD, MPH Research Assistant Professor of Gerontology Director of the Gerontology Bioinformatics Core, portrait photo.

T. Em Arpawong

Expert in emotional and cognitive health in aging, stress and adversity related to socioeconomic disparity in regards to the lifespan.

Joseph Árvai

Expert in contexts where people must make judgments and decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty, and where they must confront tradeoffs across conflicting social, economic, and environmental objectives.

Additionally, he provides expertise in situations where people’s instinctive approach to judgment and decision-making — such as their perceptions of risk and benefit — is biased by unchecked emotions and motivated reasoning.

Valerie Askanas

Neurology expert specializing in neuromuscular diseases, especially among the elderly

Larry Auerbach

Film industry expert specializing in the role of the agent in television and motion pictures

Valery Augustin

Expert in architecture, design, restaurant design, and single-family housing.

Greg Autry

Expert on Apple, entrepreneurship and space tourism

Salman Avestimehr

Expert in Telecommunications, Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Ed Avol

Expert in respiratory health, air pollution and the public health impacts of traffic

Nora Ayanian

Expert in robotics, specifically multirobot coordination for aerial and ground vehicles

Lisa Aziz-Zadeh

Expert on the brain’s role in creativity, language and empathy

Diane Badame

Expert in marketing, sales management and general management

William C. Baer

Expert in housing, including development, preservation, and history

Laura Baker

Expert on the psychology of human differences, specializing in twin studies, gender roles and the nature versus nurture debate

Lucinda L. Baker

Physiology expert specializing in the treatment of neurological injuries

George Ban-Weiss

Expert in environmental engineering, climate change, greenhouse gases and geoengineering

Sarah Banet-Weiser

Expert in children and the media, race and gender, beauty pageants and body image

Richard G. Barbers

Lung immunology specialist focusing on asthma, allergies and transplantation medicine

Jernej Barbic

Expert in computer graphics, animation, interactive physics, finite element method, model reduction, deformable models, anatomically based modeling, haptics, startup companies

Daniela Baroffio

Expert in popular culture and the media portrayal of race and gender

PC: Mark Dust; Jorge Barraza, expert in decision-making and consumer neuroscience

Jorge Barraza

Expert in emotion and decision-making, and consumer neuroscience

Itzhak Bars

Physics expert on the Higgs Boson, elementary particle physics, superstring theory, symmetries and two-time physics

Yehuda Bassok

Operations management expert specializing in supply contracts and inventory control

Dan Bayer

An expert on foreign languages, study abroad, and Russian and Slavic studies

Ergin Bayrak

Expert in innovation and entrepreneurship, and the economics of the media and communication industries

Randolph Paul Beatty

Expert on economic impact of regulatory intervention, securities valuation and industrial organization economics of initial public offerings

Burcin Becerik-Gerber

Expert in building information and construction management, especially related to information technology and sustainable practices

Antoine Bechara

Expert in neuroscience of decision-making, addiction, substance abuse and gambling

Marjorie R. Becker

Latin American historian with expertise in Mexican history and indigenous culture

George A. Bekey

Robotics expert specializing in both current developments in mobile, intelligent robots and the future of robotics

Christina Bellantoni, photo screenshot from her guest appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, smiling off camera, wearing a black dress.

Christina Bellantoni

Expert in media criticism, political journalism and speaking to issues of diversity in newsrooms.