USC Experts

Burcin Becerik-Gerber

Expert in building information and construction management, especially related to information technology and sustainable practices

Antoine Bechara

Expert in neuroscience of decision-making, addiction, substance abuse and gambling

Marjorie R. Becker

Latin American historian with expertise in Mexican history and indigenous culture

George A. Bekey

Robotics expert specializing in both current developments in mobile, intelligent robots and the future of robotics

Irving Belateche

  Storytelling Expert Screenwriting Hollywood Films Independent “Indie” Films Studio Films Genre Films Art Education Film Studies Horror Films Science Fiction Films Thrillers U.S Department of State Film Expert

David Belson

Expert on hospital efficiency, and ways to reduce health care costs

Marvin E. Belzer

Expert in adolescent medicine, especially HIV/AIDS, sexuality, gender identity, and chronic fatigue syndrome

Yehuda Ben-Zion

Earthquake expert focusing on the physics and high-resolution imaging of fault zones

Bérénice Benayoun, PhD

Bérénice Benayoun

Expert in aging biology, big data in biology, genomics, and single-cell biology.

Sarah Bunin Benor

Expert in Jewish communities, identities and languages, sociolinguistics

Headshot photo of Donna Benton, PhD Research Associate Professor of Gerontology.

Donna Benton

Expert in elder abuse and minority caregiving.

Gordon Berger

Expert on Japanese politics and East Asian societies and culture

Gerd Bergmann

Physics expert specializing in superconductivity and low dimensional systems, such as very thin metal films

Paul Beringer

Expert in the therapeutic drug monitoring and pharmacotherapy of cystic fibrosis

Timothy J. Biblarz

Family diversity expert specializing in divorce, single-parent households and gay and lesbian parents and children

Scott H. Bice

Legal expert specializing in torts, medical malpractice and judicial elections, independence and accountability

Nelson Bickers

Physics expert specializing in innovative science teaching approaches

Irving Biederman

Expert on brain processes underlying humans’ ability to quickly recognize and interpret what they see

William L. Biersach

Expert on rock music of the 1960s and ’70s, the decline of western civilization, modular synthesizers and the Chapman Stick

Bettine Birge

Expert on issues of gender and ethnicity in China and Inner Asia

Dan Birman

Expert in broadcast journalism, entertainment and TV documentaries

Lisa M. Bitel

Medieval historian specializing in Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages, women’s early religious communities and medieval art and archeology

David Black

Expert in mindfulness, meditation and cancer survivorship


Brent Blair

Expert in Theatre & Therapy, Theatre in Education and Theatre & Social Change

Hilda Blanco of the USC Price School is an expert on urban planning and policy and its environmental impact.

Hilda Blanco

Expert on climate change policy and urban planning

Daniela Bleichmar

A history expert with a focus on Latin America, travel and the conquest of the Americas

Carla Blieden

Experience in working with COVID-19 vaccine clinics; experience working with individuals with HIV/AIDS

Mitchell Block

Expert in documentary, live action, and animated short films

Ricky Bluthenthal, portrait in black and white.

Ricky Bluthenthal

Expert in needle exchange programs, HIV testing, HCV testing, PrEP, injection drug use and opioids, health disparities, community-based participatory research methods, qualitative and mixed-method research designs.

Marlon Boarnet

Expert in urban planning, transportation policy and climate change

Barry Boehm

Expert on the engineering, economics and architecture of computer software

Christopher H. Boehm

Human evolution expert focusing on primatology, the evolution of morality and social organizations and values

Geoff Boeing

Expert in city planning, urban form, and data science

Michael Bonaguidi

Expert on stem cell biology and regenerative medicine; developmental biology; neural stem cells; brain development; brain regeneration; brain aging; cognitive decline; the hippocampus; epilepsy; dementia; single cell biology; bioinformatics; drug discovery