USC Experts

Sandy Tolan

Expert in international reporting, radio documentaries, and print and broadcast journalism

Vernon T. Tolo

pediatric orthopaedics scoliosis (lateral deviation of spine) dwarfism childhood bone tumors pediatric sports medicine pediatric fractures pediatric tumors orthopaedic surgery (pediatric)

Headshot style photo of Franita Tolson of the USC Gould School of Law

Franita Tolson

Expert in constitutional law, voting rights, redistricting, election law, equal protection, corruption, and executive powers.

John (Tom) Tomlinson Jr.

the history of legal professions, particularly in Los Angeles the City of Los Angeles the development of Southern California the history of USC Gould School of Law the history of USC

Karen Tongson

Expert in popular culture, suburban culture, gender studies, sexuality and gender politics.

Robert E. Tranquada

health care policy health services administration community medicine and public health medical education

David Treuer

Expert on Native American culture, Indian gaming, and reservation life

Timothy J. Triche

childhood cancer pediatric pathology biology and molecular genetics of childhood and adult cancer molecular diagnostic biotechnology tumor suppressor gene defects and function in rhabdomyosarcoma neural crest developmental biology, gene expression, bHLH gene control of tissue-specific genes and relationship with neural crest malignancies macular degeneration

Mihailo Trifunac

Expert in natural disasters, engineering seismology, and soil/structure interaction

Matthew Trimmer

Expert in Game-based training aids and Sexual harassment/sexual assault

Alison Trope

Expert in media history and representation in popular culture

Nancy J. Troy

modern European art, architecture, design and visual culture modern American art, architecture, design and visual culture art, theater, and haute couture in early 20th century France and America the rise of the department store and commodity culture history of fashion and design early 20th century fashion trends

Virginia J. Tufte

English Renaissance poetry John Milton and Paradise Lost illustrators of Paradise Lost English women poets of the 17th century writing life histories

Lorraine P. Turcotte

nutrition and exercise metabolism and the biochemistry of exercise metabolic regulation and diabetes metabolic regulation and obesity carbohydrate and lipid metabolism sports medicine

Lawrence Turman

Expert in film production, role of the film producer and Hollywood film industry

Michele Turner

Expert in diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and policy reform for higher education, business and philanthropy

Miki Turner

Expert in Diversity and Controversial Topics in the Entertainment Industry and Television

Robert Turrill

organizational behavior, design and change design and leadership of teams interpersonal effectiveness

Brendesha Tynes

An expert on social media, cyber-bullying, and adolescent development online

Richard D. Udin

An expert on children’s dentistry, infant oral care and early childhood cavities

Firdaus Udwadia

earthquake engineering soil mechanics and foundation engineering structural dynamics applied mathematics applied mechanics crisis management engineering management

Jennifer Unger

Expert in smoking and public health, especially prevention among teenagers, and other psychosocial aspects of risky behavior

Mark Urata

Expert in plastic surgery in adults and children

Giske Ursin

hormones and cancer epidemiology of breast cancer, in particular the role of hormonal factors epidemoilogy of other female reproductive cancers estrogen-progestin replacement therapy and breast cancer risk oral contraceptives and breast cancer risk oral contraceptives and adenocarcinoma of the cervix mammograms and the prevention of breast cancer mammographic density nutritional epidemiology

Jared Vagy

Expert in injury prevention with an emphasis in outdoor sports and rock climbing

Maarten Van Delden

Expert in Latin American literature and its relationship with politics

Wim Van Der Stede

managerial accounting compensation perfomance measures and evaluation budgeting strategic planning process

Karen Van Nuys, headshot style photo, expert at the USC Leonard Schaeffer Center

Karen Van Nuys

Expert in pharmaceutical economics and policy, pharmacy benefit manager business practices, and innovation in life sciences.

Marc Vermulst, PhD Assistant Professor of Gerontology, portrait photo.

Marc Vermulst

Expert in human aging and disease, DNA repair and mutagenesis, and mitochondrial mutagenesis.

Jeff Victoroff

Expert on human aggression, the psychology of terrorists, and suicide bombers

John Vidale

Expert in earthquakes, earth structure, and seismic hazard.

Alice Villasenor

An expert on Jane Austen, women writers, and 19th century British literature

Carl Voigt

Expert in entrepreneurship, management, organization and Pacific Rim trade issues

Quang Hieu Vuong

theoretical and applied econometrics empirical industrial organization