USC Experts

Carol Wise

Carol Wise

Expert in Latin America’s political economy and regional integration

Geoffrey R. Wiseman

international peace and security defense policy non-provocative defense diplomacy

Hung Leung Wong

wave propagation in solids soil-structure interaction earthquake engineering computation methods

Michael Wong

An expert on cancerous tumors, including melanoma and sarcoma

Alex K. Wong

Expert in plastic and reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation, microsurgical breast reconstruction, and lymphedema

Annie Wong-Beringer

Expert in the pharmacotherapy of infectious diseases, antifungal therapy and antimicrobial resistance

Ruth I. Wood

Expert in steroids, steroid abuse, male hormones, and the neuroscience of sex behavior

Wendy Wood

Expert in habit formation & behavior change

David T. Woodley

blistering disorders of skin wound healing skin cancer phototherapy – using artificial ultraviolet light to treat skin conditions use of cultured keratinocytes in healing chronic skin wounds and the wounds of burn victims. gene therapy for epidermolysis bullosa dermatology

Anna H. Wu

An expert on breast cancer and lung cancer

Paul Y.K. Wu

neonatal/ perinatal care jaundice in newborns and phototherapy neonatal body water colloid osmotic pressure nutrition in the newborn metabolic problems in the newborn infants of diabetic mothers near infra-red spectrophotometry perinatal pediatrics neonatology

An-Min Wu Lecturer of Spatial Sciences, portrait photo outside of the Griffith Observatory building.

An-Min Wu

Expert in geographic information science including spatial data analytics and spatial econometrics; soil heavy metal contamination and soil-landscape modeling

Yan Xiao

An expert on earthquake engineering and bridge design

Kimiko Yamada

Expert in oncologic and orthopedic physical therapy

Wei Yang of the USC Dornsife College is an expert on using social media to measure users' health both geographically and over time.

Wei Yang

Expert on using social media to measure users’ health both geographically and over time

J. Joshua Yang

Expert in post-CMOS hardware for neuromorphic computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Veli N. Yashin

Expert in Middle East studies and literature; can discuss unrest in Turkey, Syrian refugees

Kenneth Yates

Expert in learning, instruction, motivation and cognitive sciences

Kelvin Yen, PhD Research Assistant, Professor of Gerontology, portrait photo.

Kelvin Yen

Expert in general aging, mitochondrial-derived peptides, caloric restriction, neuronal control of feeding behavior and obesity.

Donald E. Yett

economics of labor and human resources economics of medical care

Pai-Ling Yin

Expert in Mobile apps, Technology adoption and Innovation

Shao-Yao Ying

Expert in molecular biomedicine, including stem cells, microRNAs and prostate cancer

Helena Yli-Renko

An expert on entrepreneurship in the United States and abroad

Jonathan Yormark

information systems and infrastructure inventory support outsourcing and subcontracting quality supply chain

Yannis C. Yortsos

flow in porous media transport processes (heat and mass transfer) oil, gas and geothermal energy recovery subsurface remediation

Portrait photo of Lindsay Young.

Lindsay Young

Expert in social-network and critical perspectives to identify, characterize, and interrogate the social contexts that contribute to and/or facilitate health disparities, access to critical health resources, and health behavior change in marginalized, resource-restricted communities

Alvin S. Yusin

child development in high-risk infants developmental disabilities developmental pediatrics

Jan Zabojnik

financial economics compensation investment and market efficiency mergers and acquisitions industrial organization

Gabriel Zada

Expert in neurosurgery, traumatic brain injury and brain tumors

Fernando Zapatero

financial economics economy and international markets global markets: Mexico, Europe risk management exchange rates pensions interest rates

Chi-Shing Zee

imaging of the spine imaging of intracranial infection, brain tumors, neoplasms, seizure disorders and other neurological disorders procedures relating to the spine — discograms, myelograms, facet blocks, nerve blocks and epidural blocks computer technology and neuroimaging techniques for neurosurgical procedures — Gamma knife, stereotactic radiology, etc. magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) functional imaging spine radiology neuroradiology

Adina Zeidler

Expert in disorders of the hormone-secreting glands that regulate countless body functions, including diabetes, thyroid ailments, metabolic and nutritional disorders, pituitary diseases, menstrual and sexual problems

Vladimir Zelman

anesthesiology anesthesia relating to neurosurgery critical care neuropharmacology medicine in Russia Russo-American scientific cooperation

Ruth A. Zemke

geriatric rehabilitation occupational science as an academic discipline

Hao Zhang

Expert in supply chain and service operations management

Hongqiao Zhang, MD, PhD, portrait photo.

Hongqiao Zhang

Expert in aging, inflammation, and air pollution and environment toxins.

Hangbo Zhao

Experience in science and technology of mechanics-driven manufacturing through a combination of fundamental understanding of materials, mechanics, interfacial science, and multidisciplinary experimental approaches