USC Experts

Vladimir Zelman

anesthesiology anesthesia relating to neurosurgery critical care neuropharmacology medicine in Russia Russo-American scientific cooperation

Ruth A. Zemke

geriatric rehabilitation occupational science as an academic discipline

Hao Zhang

Expert in supply chain and service operations management

Hongqiao Zhang, MD, PhD, portrait photo.

Hongqiao Zhang

Expert in aging, inflammation, and air pollution and environment toxins.

Sandy Zhang-Nunes

Eye trauma Thyroid eye disease Plastic surgery of the eyelids and face Blindness from filler complications Botox and aeshtic treatments Droopy eyelids Tear duct problems Eyelid cancer Eyelid tumors Styes Eyelid infections Eye infections Dry eyes New technology for dry eye treatment

Hangbo Zhao

Experience in science and technology of mechanics-driven manufacturing through a combination of fundamental understanding of materials, mechanics, interfacial science, and multidisciplinary experimental approaches

Alexander Zholkovsky

Russian literature (especially Pushkin, Zoshchenko and 20th century) theoretical/descriptive poetics and intertextuality

Russel L. Zimmer

marine invertebrates — reproductive strategies, developmental biology and phylogeny marine ecosystems

Jim Zimmerman

Computer and information technology and security specialist

Lewis E. Zionts

pediatric orthopaedic surgery pediatric trauma cerebral palsy spina bifida osteogenesis imperfecta foot problems in children hip problems in children fractures in children orthopaedic surgery (pediatric)

Jessica Zu

Expert in Buddhism, and intellectual history and the socio-religious change in modern Asia from the overlooked perspectives of religious practitioners.

Bruce Zuckerman

Expert on the Hebrew Bible and ancient Near Eastern texts, specializing in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Near Eastern artifacts and literature