USC Experts

Daren Brabham

Expert in crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and online communities

Stephen E. Bradforth

Expert on molecular dynamics, water chemistry, and the effects of ultraviolet light on DNA

Nina S. Bradley

Expert in motor control, including how fetal movements affect later movement ability

Laurie Brand

Expert in the politics and culture of the Middle East

Leo Braudy

Expert on fame, celebrity and mass media.

James Brecher

Expert on legal reasoning, writing and communication

Kenneth Breisch

Historian focusing on architecture, Southern California and American public libraries and museums

Melvin A. Breuer

Expert in computer-aided design techniques for digital systems

Robert Bridges

Expert on small business financing, urban development and minority entrepreneurship

Sheila Briggs

Expert in Roman Catholicism, feminist theology, early Christianity and theories of modern liberation movements

Daniel Broek

Expert on gene expression and cell and tumor growth

Bruce Alan Brown

Expert on 18th-century opera and ballet, Mozart and Christoph Willibald Gluck

Todd Brun

Expert in quantum physics and quantum theory, and the depiction of science in dramatic works

Stephen Byars

Expert in professional ethics, business communication, and faith in the workplace

W. Lou Byerly

electrical properties of neurons disorders of the nervous system electrical nature of the nervous system neurophysiology biophysics intracellular control of neuronal calcium currents

John Callaghan

Expert in kinesiology, sports psychology and the role of sports in society

Tyrone Callahan

corporate finance mergers and acquisitions insider trading

Julio Camarero

Expert in biological diagnostics, bio-organic chemistry, chemical biology and drug discovery

Lee W. Campbell

Expert in children’s legal issues, poverty law and trial advocacy

Vito M. Campese

nephrology (study and treatment of kidney diseases) hypertension (role of salt and neurogenic factors) hypertension in minorities orthostatic hypotension continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) continuous cyclic peritoneal dialysis (CCPD)

Paula Cannon

Expert in viruses (including HIV and Ebola) and CRISPR/Cas9

Douglas G. Capone

Marine biologist specializing in ocean ecosystems, bacteria and pollution

Sharon Marie Carnicke

Expert on Russian ballet and theater, Stanislavsky System for actors, history and practice of acting

David A. Caron

Expert on harmful algal blooms, microbial ecology and marine food webs

Photo credit: Maggie Smith-Taplin

Ben Carrington

Expert in race, class and gender in sports and popular culture

Drew Casper

Film expert specializing in genres including science fiction

Laura Castaneda

Expert in diversity and journalism and journalism education