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September 4th, 2019

Emotion-reading algorithms cannot predict intentions via facial expressions

Though algorithms are increasingly being deployed in all facets of life, a new USC study has found that they fail basic tests as truth detectors Contact: Gary Polakovic (323) 527-7770 or Most algorithms have probably never heard the Eagles’ song, “Lyin’ Eyes.” Otherwise, they’d do a better job of recognizing duplicity. Computers aren’t very good at discerning […]

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September 3rd, 2019

Vast majority of dementia patients don’t receive specialty diagnosis and care, study finds

Researchers found the use of dementia specialty care is particularly low for Hispanics and Asians. Contact: Jenesse Miller (213) 810-8554 or In the first large study to examine the diagnosis of dementia in older Americans over time, researchers found the vast majority never meet with a dementia specialist and are instead overwhelmingly diagnosed and […]

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August 27th, 2019

Higher education administrator and engineer Charles Zukoski named USC provost

The accomplished university leader and internationally recognized chemical engineer joins USC as its chief academic officer. Contact: USC Media Relations, (213) 740-2215, USC President Carol L. Folt announced the selection of Charles F. Zukoski as the university’s provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, effective October 1. He will hold the Shelly and Ofer Nemirovsky Provost’s […]

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August 27th, 2019

Can the circadian clock in cancer cells help defeat a deadly brain cancer?

Contact: Leigh Hopper (310) 308-0405 or Scientists at USC and UC San Diego have discovered a potential novel target for treating glioblastoma, the deadly brain cancer that took the life of Sen. John McCain and kills 15,000 Americans a year. The target is the circadian “clock” found within the tumor stem cells, which governs how […]

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August 23rd, 2019

Battle for the future of Hong Kong: Are protests a tipping point?

The Hong Kong protests started in June as a response to a contentious extradition bill. After demonstrators took over Hong Kong’s airport earlier this month, Hong Kong residents formed a 20-mile human chain across the city today. The protests are raising questions about Hong Kong’s future and its relationship with mainland China. USC experts explain […]

August 22nd, 2019

Voters predict Trump’s reelection, but less than a third would be happy about it

The latest USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times national poll also reveals that Republicans favor a populist direction over traditional conservatism by nearly two to one, while Republican-leaning voters slightly favor a more traditional path. Contact: Jim Key, (213) 821-2992 or or Jenesse Miller, (213) 810‑8554 or Most Republicans are supportive of President Donald Trump’s […]

August 20th, 2019

USC experts examine World War II 80 years after it began

Contact: Gary Polakovic or (213) 740-9226   How do democracies resist authoritarianism? Paul Lerner is a professor of history and director of the Max Kade Institute for Austrian-German-Swiss Studies at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. He’s an expert in 20th century European history and the rise of fascism and the author of Hysterical Men: War, Psychiatry […]

August 20th, 2019

L.A.’s summer smog siege concerns USC health scientists

As a smog siege grips the Los Angeles region this summer — notching 57 straight days of unhealthy air — air quality officials urge some residents to avoid strenuous activity or stay indoors. Late summer is a bad time of year for air pollution due to hot temperatures, slack winds and high emissions. L.A.’s infamous brown haze has […]

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August 19th, 2019

MEDIA ADVISORY: Massive Move-in at USC

Contact: Ron Mackovich, USC Media Relations, or (213) 810-8583 Moving takes on a new meaning when more than 3,000 students bring tons of belongings to campus to unpack and start college life. In a few hours, a dormant campus becomes a city packed with young scholars. After decades of practice with this massive movement […]

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August 15th, 2019

As students head back to school, experts share wellness tips

As students from kindergarten to college head back to school, they and their families typically experience a mixture of excitement and anxiety. USC experts share strategies for staying physically, mentally and even spiritually healthy. Contact: Jenesse Miller, (213) 810-8554 or What’s the biggest challenge faced by today’s college students? “What I have noticed in my […]