USC Experts

Dima Qato

Expert in health policy, pharmacoepidemiology, drug safety and health disparities

Marc Vermulst, PhD Assistant Professor of Gerontology, portrait photo.

Marc Vermulst

Expert in human aging and disease, DNA repair and mutagenesis, and mitochondrial mutagenesis.

T. Em Arpawong, PhD, MPH Research Assistant Professor of Gerontology Director of the Gerontology Bioinformatics Core, portrait photo.

T. Em Arpawong

Expert in emotional and cognitive health in aging, stress and adversity related to socioeconomic disparity in regards to the lifespan.

Headshot photo of Donna Benton, PhD Research Associate Professor of Gerontology.

Donna Benton

Expert in elder abuse and minority caregiving.

Headshot photo of Henry Jay Forman, PhD Research Professor of Gerontology.

Henry Jay Forman

Expert in sickle cell disease and air pollution-induced inflammation.

Headshit photo of Jung Ki Kim, PhD, at USC Davis School

Jung Ki Kim

Expert in older adults and marital status, and widowhood.

Todd Morgan, Research Professor of Gerontology at USC, portrait photo.

Todd Morgan

Expert in mouse phenotyping core, brain aging, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Kaoru Nashiro, PhD Research Assistant Professor of Gerontology, portrait photo at USC.

Kaoru Nashiro

Expert in emotion regulation, control, and mindfulness.

Anna Rahman, USC Research Assistant Professor of Gerontology, portrait photo standing in front of a brick wall

Anna N. Rahman

Expert in palliative care, advance directives, caregiving, and nursing homes.