USC Experts

Wayne Sandholtz

Expert in the development and effects of international norms, law, and institutions

Brandon Bourgeois

Expert in ancient Rome, ancient politics, transitions of power, speeches, rhetoric, ancient history, ancient law, classical literature, Roman Republic, Roman empire, classical influence, the influence of classical antiquity.

David Raichlen

Expert in exercise, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, human evolution, hunter-gatherers, physical activity, cardiovascular disease, brain health, cognition, evolutionary biology

Adam MacLean

Expert in Stem cells, Cell dynamics, Cell fate, Gene regulatory networks, Cancer modeling, Computational data analysis, Bayesian statistics; single-cell data, Mathematical biology, and Systems biology.

Hok Chio (Mark) Lai

Expert in Statistics, data analytics, Bayesian analysis, cluster-randomized trials, psychological measurement, test bias

Anna Krylov

Expert in Theoretical/Computational Chemistry and Physics, Quantum Mechanics; Green Fluorescent Protein, Plasma Chemistry, Single-molecule magnets, solar energy; strong correlation, spectroscopy, electron transfer, and excited states

Amy Cannon

Expert in poetry, poets and creative writing.

Kelsey Rubin-Detlev

Expert in 18th-century literature and culture, epistolarity, women’s writing, and Catherine the Great.

Emily Cooperdock

Expert in Geochemistry, Tectonics, thermochronology,fluid-rock interaction, and trace element cycling.