USC Dornsife College

June 25th, 2019

Democrats take the stage in first debates of 2020 election cycle

This week in Miami, 20 candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination will appear on stage in the first primary debates of the 2020 election cycle. The first set of Democratic primary debates will be held Wednesday, June 26th and Thursday, June 27th. Given the crowded field and the high stakes, the candidates are eager to […]

Headshot photo of USC Dornsife Chemistry Professor Travis Willams, wearing a green polo shirt, standing in front of a nature background.

Travis Williams

Chemical catalysis Renewable energy Sustainable fuels and materials (biodiesel, hydrogen) Chemical safety Chemical education and science outreach Cleantech Technology transfer and entrepreneurship

Headshot style photo of Ralf Haiges, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the USC Dornsife College, wearing a USC polo.

Ralf Haiges

Chemistry Inorganic chemistry Fluorine chemistry Fluorinated compounds Energetic materials Explosives Rocket propellants Rocket science Energy research X-ray crystallography Nitro compounds Superacids

Headshot photo of Eli Levenson-Falk, Assistant Professor of Physics at the USC Dornsife College, wearing a collard shirt, standing in front of a bland white background.

Eli Levenson-Falk

Eli Levenson-Falk’s research focuses on using superconducting electronics for applications in quantum computing, quantum simulation, quantum optics, precision measurement, and condensed matter physics.

Anastassia Tzoytzoyrakos, master lecturer at USC Dornsife College, headshot style photo taken at a event, wearing a black dress with a white background.

Anastassia Tzoytzoyrakos

  • Co-founder of a private classical education K-12 school
  • Co-founder of a youth theater group operating since 2009
  • Director of Greek language school, since 2008
An-Min Wu Lecturer of Spatial Sciences, portrait photo outside of the Griffith Observatory building.

An-Min Wu

An-Min Wu, Ph.D., is a lecturer in the Spatial Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

Wu teaches spatial databases, spatial data acquisition, spatial analysis and geospatial technology project management in the online Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) Graduate programs and principles of spatial data analysis in the interdisciplinary doctoral program in Population, Health and Place. She also serves as thesis advisor to several M.S. students in GIST.

Wu’s research interests are in the integration of environmental sciences and geographic information science. In particular, she is interested in understanding the impacts of human disturbances to critical soil properties in both natural and urban environments, and their feedback to human health in various spatial and temporal scales.

Prior to joining the USC Spatial Sciences Institute, Wu was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota, where she identified the minimum detectable changes in soil carbon density in U.S. forests and provided spatial and temporal sampling recommendations to the Northern Research Station of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

Wu has worked as a GIS analyst, mapping engineer and mapping project manager. She is a certified remote pilot on small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and is a Professional Soil Scientist In-Training.

Wu is the Vice Chair of the California Geographic Information Association (CGIA) for 2018-2019. She also currently serves as a member of the USC Dornsife College Faculty Council, serving on its Research, Policy, and Documentation Caucus.

Andrew J. Marx Associate Professor of the Practice of Spatial Sciences and Institute for Creative Technologies, portrait photo with USC campus park in backgroud.

Andrew Marx

  • Worked at the U.S. Department of State from 2006 to 2014 as an analyst on human rights, refugee and humanitarian issues
  • Worked at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum as a visiting scholar
  • Director of the USC Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence Lab
Jessica Marglin Associate Professor of Religion at the USC Dornsife College, portrait photo at USC courtyard

Jessica Marglin

  • Lived and studied in Israel, Morocco, and France
  • Rome Prize recipient
Duncan Williams Professor of Religion and East Asian Languages and Cultures at USC Dornsife College, portrait photo sitting on steps at USC.

Duncan Williams

  • Director of Japan studies centers at USC and UC Berkeley
  • Soto Zen Buddhist priest
Evelyn Alsultany, Associate Professor, American Studies and Ethnicity, black and white portrait photo with colored background.

Evelyn Alsultany

  • Author of Arabs and Muslims in the Media: Race and Representation after 9/11 (NYU Press, 2012).
  • Guest curator of Arab American National Museums online exhibit:
  • Served on the Community Advisory Committee for Disney’s Aladdin (2019)