USC Experts

Sean Fraga

Expert in links between the environment, indigenous sovereignty, settler colonialism, technology, and mobility, primarily during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Bruine de Bruin, Wändi

Expert on psychology of risks (including COVID-19), as well as communications and interventions to promote health, safety, well-being, and sustainability

Steven Heilman

Probability Statistics Voting theory Game theory Games of chance, the lottery Computer science Algorithms Machine learning Artificial intelligence

Amy Mahler

Contingent workers Health care Regulatory capture Opioid crisis

Lisa Welter

Expert in the characterization of disease evolution and treatment resistance through CTCs and cfDNA in patients with HR+ metastatic breast cancer

Karina Santellano

Latinos Race and ethnic minorities Entrepreneurship Undocumented college students Mexican Americans

Dario Laudati

International Macroeconomics & Finance: net exports (trade balance) deficits Currency issues The role of the US dollar international monetary policy repercussions Money and Banking: banking industry competition practices Shadow banking/modern market-based credit systems

Eunjee Kwon

Mobility Migration Transportation Labor Market Big Data

Avery Everhart

Transgender health Transgender rights Health geography Health and human rights Sexual and reproductive health and rights GIS and health science