USC Experts

Jennifer N. Swift

Expert in web and mobile GIS with CyberGIS, the latter including advanced cyberinfrastructure

Julie hopper

Expert in parasite-host interactions, with a focus on species range expansions and invasions in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems

Adrian De Leon

Expert in migrant workers, philippine politics, Asian American history and food studies

Wayne Sandholtz

Expert in the development and effects of international norms, law, and institutions

Patricia Grabarek

Expert in workplace wellness, burnout, stress in the workplace, millennials, generational difference, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, work-family balance, positive work environments, organizational culture, company culture, workplace culture

Brandon Bourgeois

Expert in ancient Rome, ancient politics, transitions of power, speeches, rhetoric, ancient history, ancient law, classical literature, Roman Republic, Roman empire, classical influence, the influence of classical antiquity.

David Raichlen

Expert in exercise, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, human evolution, hunter-gatherers, physical activity, cardiovascular disease, brain health, cognition, evolutionary biology

Adam MacLean

Expert in Stem cells, Cell dynamics, Cell fate, Gene regulatory networks, Cancer modeling, Computational data analysis, Bayesian statistics; single-cell data, Mathematical biology, and Systems biology.