USC Experts

Jed A. Fuhrman

aquatic microbial ecology marine viruses marine bacteria microbial biodiversity biological oceanography water quality — biological contaminants in ocean waters

Lyn Boyd-Judson

Expert in international studies, especially media and diplomacy

Eric Webb

Expert in molecular biology, genetics of marine bacteria and their role in the global food web

Robert Hsiu-Ping Chow

Expert in hormone systems, nerve cell communication, and the neuroscience of diabetes

Peggy Kamuf

Expert in French literature, Jacques Derrida, deconstruction and literary theory

Nancy Lutkehaus

An expert on female rights of passage, primitive art of the South Pacific, and Polynesian culture

Tania Modleski

Expert in women and popular culture, including their portrayal in film and soap operas

Chien-Ping Ko

Expert in the neurobiology of motor diseases like Lou Gehrig’s disease and spinal muscular atrophy