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September 9th, 2020

Study: Long after 9/11, Americans still willing to pay more for counterterrorism, anti-crime security at venues

A USC study shows that Americans are more inclined to attend events at arenas and convention centers with counterterrorism or anti-crime security measures despite sacrificing convenience and privacy. Contact: Emily Gersema, or (213) 712-3168 In the 19 years that have passed since Sept. 11, 2001, Americans have seen significant increases in counterterrorism security in public venues, […]

J. Joshua Yang

Expert in post-CMOS hardware for neuromorphic computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Dima Qato

Expert in health policy, pharmacoepidemiology, drug safety and health disparities

Amy Rechenmacher

Expert in the experimental study of micromechanical processes governing of strain localization in sands, earthquake faulting, soil liquefaction, and granular material failure and flow

Eric Chung

Blockchain Technology Cryptocurrencies Smart Contracts Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Cryptoeconomics Product Development

Jonathan Habif

quantum Information quantum sensing quantum communications optics optical communications optical sensing quantum physics

A portrait photo of Akhilesh Jaiswal

Akhilesh Jaiswal

Neuromorphic computing AI Accelerators Spintronics Brain-Inspired Computing Photonics

Neil Siegel

Expert in systems engineering problem of developing large, complex (both technically and socially) societal systems and how to implement large, mobile, ad-hoc radio networks over relatively low data-rate carriers