Christopher H. Smith

Expert in television and the media industry; teaches media industry studies

Clinical Professor

Co-Director of the Media, Economics & Entrepreneurship program

Founder and Faculty Adviser, The Women’s Leadership Society

Fellow, Center for Communication Leadership & Policy

Fellow, Center for Public Diplomacy


  • television & online video
  • media & technology
  • innovation & entrepreneurship
  • entertainment and celebrity
  • marketing and consumer society
  • globalization & populist movements
  • capitalism, financial markets, neoliberalism, and austerity
  • corporate communication
  • witnessing & trauma
  • race, ethnicity and gender in media
  • impact of net neutrality on digital content distribution

Additional Information

  • Featured commentator for MSNBC, NBC Nightly News, Today, Bloomberg Businessweek, FOX, KTLA-TV, NPR, the BBC, CBC-Radio Canada, Reuters, and TV4 Sweden
  • Served as a market selection and execution consultant for both start-ups and multinational entertainment groups. Completed his most recent consulting project on behalf of a dominant professional sports league that sought to grow its online streaming product in eight secondary markets around the world.

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