Cleopatra Abdou

Expert in culture and ethnicity, pregnancy, child development and psychology

Assistant professor, USC Davis School of Gerontology


  • culture, race and ethnicity
  • African Americans, Latinos and Arabs
  • the danger of stereotypes
  • minority health
  • health disparities and socioeconomic status
  • sexual health and reproduction
  • pregnancy, preterm birth and birth weights
  • early childhood
  • life spans
  • spirituality, resilience and positive psychology
  • community-based research

Additional Information

  • Recipient of research funding from National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Mental Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Michigan Center for Integrative Approaches to Health Disparities
  • Member of American Psychological Association, American Psychosomatic Society, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Gerontological Society of America and International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

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