Democratic National Convention

July 27, 2004

ELIZABETH GARRETT, law professor, can comment on whether the candidates are effectively communicating their messages, how the Democrats are handling the election issues and how the Republicans are responding.
Contact: (213) 821-5438 (office), (310) 968-5398 (cell phone) or

THOMAS HOLLIHAN, professor of communication, can comment on the strategy behind the candidates’ messages, their communication styles and media coverage of the convention.
Contact: (213) 740-3947 (office) or

HARRY PACHON, president of the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute at USC, can discuss Latino voters’ perceptions of the presidential candidates and issues of concern to Latinos.
Contact: (213) 821-5623 (office) or

BRYCE NELSON, professor of journalism, can comment on the candidates’ campaign strategy, the influence of foreign affairs on election issues and media coverage of the convention.
Contact: (213) 740-3930 (office), (626) 795-1279 (home) or