D’ough! Risk of E. coli when you lick the mixing bowl

December 13, 2017

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As people get their holiday bake on, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns everyone not to eat raw dough or batter because uncooked flour may be laced with the bacterium E. coli. Last year, 10 million pounds of flour were recalled when dozens of people across the country consumed it raw and were sickened by a strain of E. coli.

The FDA encourages parents not to allow children to play with homemade playdough made from flour. Even if the children do not eat it, they may put their hands in their mouth after handling the dough.

USC experts are available to comment on the dangers consuming raw dough or batter.

Symptoms to watch out for

E. coli usually causes diarrhea, illness and cramping abdominal pain, but some patients may develop a life-threatening illness—such as kidney failure—as a result of the infection.”

Michael Levine is anassociate professor of clinical emergency medicine and chief of the toxicology division at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. He can also comment on poisoning and overdose.

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Raw eggs can make you sick

“If this bacterium is present in the flour, consuming raw dough can be a serious public health hazard, especially when you consider raw eggs potentially can be tainted with Salmonella.”

Roger Clemens can comment on food safety, food processing, pediatric nutrition and probiotics. He is an adjunct professor of pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences at the USC School of Pharmacy.

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