Gillian Hadfield

Expert on civil litigation reform, the legal profession and costs, compensation for terrorism victims, and feminist issues

Co-director, USC Center in Law, Economics and Organization

Kirtland Professor of Law and Professor of Economics


  • legal fees and costs
  • legal profession
  • tort reform
  • alternative dispute resolution
  • September 11 Victim’s Compensation Fund
  • 1993 World Trade Center bombing litigation
  • contracting (commercial, and intellectual property)
  • franchising
  • feminist legal issues
  • transition economies
  • reform in newly emerging market democracies
  • design of legal institutions in market democracies
  • law and emerging technologies
  • law and development
  • globalization, global poverty and inequality
  • contracts
  • access to justice
  • cost of litigation
  • complexity of law
  • regulation and deregulation
  • autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars
  • blockchain
  • lawyers and non-lawyers
  • legal education
  • law firms
  • legal reform
  • technology
  • legal innovation
  • social norms and cultural evolution,

Additional Information

  • Co-author of The Second Wave of Law and Economics (1999)
  • Appointed member, board of editors, Journal of Law and Social Inquiry
  • Member, International Society for New Institutional Economics
  • On contract with the World Bank to assist Slovakia with reform of legal profession
  • Contributor to compendium of white papers on Terrorism Risk Insurance Act published by Defense Research Institute
  • Author of Rules for a Flat World:  Why Humans Invented Law and How to Reinvent It For a Complex Global Economy
  • Member, World Economic Forum Global Future Council on the Future of Technology, Values, and Policy
  • Advisor to innovative legal providers like LegalZoom
  • Member, American Law Institute


  • French


  • Gillian Hadfield: The Practice of Contracts

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