James E. Moore II

Expert in transportation engineering, mass transit

Director, USC Transportation Engineering Program

Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Civil Engineering, USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Professor of Public Policy and Management, USC Price School of Public Policy

Executive Committee member, National Center for Metropolitan Transportation Research (METRANS)

Faculty affiliate, USC Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events


  • Traffic management and planning
  • Roads, road diets, highways
  • Trains, subways, light rail, maglev, high speed rail, seaports
  • Transportation and natural disasters, including earthquakes
  • Local, state, and federal transportation agencies
  • Earthquake and terrorist risk analysis for transportation networks
  • Urban transportation planning and investment
  • Market-based planning strategies
  • Urban form
  • Congestion pricing
  • Transportation engineering
  • Evaluation of new technologies
  • Infrastructure investment and pricing policies
  • Economic impact analysis


Additional Information

  • Faculty affiliate, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center; Mineta Transportation Institute

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