Jason E. Squire

Expert in all aspects of movie business practice, including the global industry, audience issues, and the wider entertainment business

Associate Professor of Cinematic Practice, USC School of Cinematic Arts


  • overview of the motion picture business
  • analysis of box office grosses
  • overview of the entertainment industry
  • life cycle of feature films
  • current events in the entertainment industry
  • revenue streams — where the money goes
  • trends in the entertainment business
  • prognosis for the global industry
  • entertainment studies
  • internships — preparing the next generation
  • the movie business
  • Star Wars
  • Disney

Additional Information

  • Editor of The Movie Business Book (Fourth Edition, 2017)
  • Served as studio executive at 20th Century Fox, United Artists, Avco
    Embassy Pictures
  • Co-editor of The Movie Business: American Film Industry Practice (1972)
  • Helped establish “movie business” as a distinct area of academic study
  • Chosen by contentville.com as one of its 50 U.S. academic experts


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