Julietta Shakhbagova

Expert in learning English as a second language, American English phonetics/phonology, and comparative linguistics

Professor of Clinical Education, USC Rossier School of Education


  • applied linguistics
  • phonetics/phonology (major)
  • comparative linguistics (Dialectology and varieties of English pronunciation)
  • methodology: teaching English as a second language/ teaching English as a foreign language
  • pedagogy in TESOL/TEFL

Additional Information

  • author of Correcting Errors in Pronunciation: A Resource Manual for ESL/EFL Teachers¬†(2009. Figueroa Press)
  • author of over 50 publications: textbook and manuals, dictionaries, academic articles
  • presenter at national (CATESOL) and international (Taiwan) conferences
  • the first recipient of a Fulbright Grant in Russia (assigned to USC’s School of Linguistics and American Language Institute)


  • Russian
  • English
  • French
  • Armenian
  • Georgian

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