Karla Heidelberg

Expert in marine ecology, extreme environments and international science policy

Professor (Teaching) of Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies


  • marine ecology
  • geobiology and ecology
  • extreme environments (deep sea, Antarctica, hypersaline systems)
  • international science policy and collaboration
  • the environmental impact of biofuels
  • microbial ecology
  • biofilms
  • environmental genomics and metagenomics
  • microbial eukaryotes
  • eukaryotic picoplankton
  • protists
  • biological oceanography
  • coastal sustainability
  • undergraduate education
  • STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathmathics) education

Additional Information

  • Recipient of the U.S. State Dept. Meritorious Leadership Award for Global Oceans initiative (2004)
  • Global program coordinator/scientist, Environmental Genomics Division, J. Craig Venter Institute (2003-2006)
  • Part-time residential faculty at the USC Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island
  • Featured in Discovery channel, National Geographic and several other documentaries about marine science
  • Scientific diver with expertise in underwater media
  • Work to train students at the interface of science and public communication

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