Lisa Schweitzer

An expert in transit policy, evacuations and sustainability

Associate Professor, USC Price School of Public Policy


  • transit policy and planning
  • the environmental effects of transportation, including noise
  • driverless cars
  • air quality and community health
  • alternative energy policy for transport
  • sustainability
  • evacuations
  • industrial accidents
  • hazardous materials spills and hazardous freight
  • community-based environmentalism
  • environmental injustice in transportation
  • social exclusion and civil rights
  • transportation megaprojects

Additional Information

Lisa A. Schweitzer has multiple areas of research that pertain to transportation, urban environments and social justice. Her recent projects evaluate the distribution of social and economic opportunities and the location of environmental hazards. Her work has appeared in a wide range of planning and interdisciplinary journals. She is currently doing research on decision-making during evacuations and community resources for environmental security. Schweitzer is an award-winning instructor who teaches classes in transportation, the environment and social policy.


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