Lyn Boyd-Judson

Expert in international studies, especially media and diplomacy

Director, Levan Institute for Humanities and Ethics

USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences


  • ethics
  • diplomacy
  • negotiation
  • religion and human rights
  • citizenship in a global era
  • justice in international affairs
  • political psychology

Additional Information

  • Executive Director of the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights, Chair-Elect of the Women’s Caucus of the International Studies Association
  • Fulbright Specialist Awards to Spain and China on strategic moral diplomacy, global ethics, and the role of the university
  • Fellow at the USC Center for Public Diplomacy and Global Ethics Fellow Alumna of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
  • Member of GTMO Presidential Task Force, a partnership of the Pacific Council on International Policy for formulating bipartisan policy recommendations on Guantanamo
  • Has had previous research affiliations with the RAND Corporation, the Carter Center, the Hong Kong Legislative Council, the United States Embassy Berlin and USC’s Center for International Studies
  • Author of Strategic Moral Diplomacy: Understanding the Enemy’s Moral Universe and U.S. Diplomatic Isolation of Iran: Consequences for Media Coverage and Foreign Policy, and Women’s Global Health: State Policies and International Norms

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