Marie A. Russell

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology, Keck School of Medicine and LAC+USC Medical CenterDirector, Center for Life Support Training and ResearchDirector, Clinical Forensic Medicine Program


  • soft tissue wounds and infections – gunshot wounds, stab wounds, patterned wounds
  • wound ballistics
  • dog bites, law enforcement and civilian
  • gang violence
  • nonverbal gang communication –
    the forensic significance of tattoos,
    graffiti. hand signs and dress (“colors”)
  • forensic significance of gang graffiti,
    dress and tattoos
  • domestic violence – elder abuse,
    child abuse
  • homicide and serial homicide
  • gunshot, stab and patterned wounds
  • correctional (jail) medicine
  • police abuse
  • police procedures and techniques –
    pepper spray, restraint procedures,
  • forensic pathology
  • clinical forensic medicine

Additional Information

      Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians


    Consultant, Los Angeles Regional Poison Control Center