Pledge of Allegiance

June 14, 2004

ALISON RENTELN, USC political science professor, has an expertise in constitutional law.
Contact: (213) 740-3248 (office), (626) 536-5963 (cell phone), (626) 791-2612 (home) or

JOHN CROSSLEY, USC associate professor of religion, has an expertise in church and state relations.
Contact: (213) 740-0275 (office), (323) 222-7532 (home) or

MICHAEL SHAPIRO, USC professor of law, has an expertise in separation of church and state issues, constitutional law and constitutional rights.
Contact: (213) 740-4751 (office) or

JOHN ORR, USC emeritus professor of religion with expertise in public education and church and state issues.
Contact: (213) 740-8562 (office) or