Steven J. Ross

Expert on Hollywood and politics, labor and working class history and depictions of unions and radicals in American film
  • Professor of History
  • USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Office: (213) 821-1062 Cell: (310) 714-3839


  • labor and working class history
  • American social history
  • social history of American film
  • rise of Hollywood
  • film and the working class
  • role of sports in popular culture
  • Hollywood as an industry
  • depictions of unions and radicals in American film
  • social, political and economic factors that have shaped America, including immigration, industrialization, urbanization, war, poverty, crime, politics and success, as well as race, class and gender conflict
  • visual culture
  • American Nazism and fascism

Additional Information

  • Author of Workers on the Edge: Work, Leisure and Politics in Industrializing Cincinnati, 1788-1890 (1987), Working Class Hollywood: Silent Film and the Shaping of Class in America (1998) and Hollywood Left and Right: How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics (2011)
  • Author of forthcoming Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Nazi Plots Against Hollywood and America (fall 2017 Bloomsbury Press)