Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach

Media expert specializing in the 21st century urban community, new technologies and civic engagement, ethnic media and the globalization of everyday life

Professor Emerita

Professor of Communication, USC Annenberg School

Principal Investigator, USC Metamorphosis Project


  • communication technologies and community
  • multiethnic media maps
  • family and children in geo-ethnic neighborhoods
  • new immigrants, their communities and their media
  • storytelling neighborhood, a path to ‘belonging communities’
  • media strategies for effective health campaigns and disaster preparedness
  • patterns of daily life in diverse urban communities

Additional Information

  • Co-author of Theories of Mass Communication, 5th ed. (1989) and The Great American Values Test (1984)
  • Co-editor of Technological Visions: The Hopes and Fears that Shape New
    (2004), Paradoxes of Youth and Sport (2002) and Media,
    Audience, and Social Structure
  • Served as co-director of the Media and Violence Task Force of the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence (1968-69)
  • Principal investigator of the Metamorphosis: Transforming the Ties that Bind
    Project (1998 – present)

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