Shahbudin H. Rahimtoola

An expert on coronary artery disease, bypass surgery, and cardiac catheterization

Distinguished professor

Holder of George C. Griffith Chair in Cardiology

Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

Keck School of Medicine of USCChair, Griffith Center, Keck School of Medicine


  • ventricular function
  • coronary artery disease
  • valvular heart disease
  • infective endocarditis (inflammation of the lining of the heart cavity and valves)
  • conduction abnormalities and bradyarrhythmia (abnormally slow heart rate)
  • cardiac catheterization (introduction of special tubes into the heart to obtain data on pressures and blood flow)
  • angiography
  • clinical cardiology
  • cardiac valve surgery
  • catheter balloon valvuloplasty
  • coronary bypass surgery
  • heart failure

Additional Information

  • Author of Coronary Bypass Surgery (1977), Infective Endocarditis (1978), Controversies in Coronary Heart Disease (1982) and Valvular Heart Disease (1997)
  • Co-author of Shock in Myocardial Infarction (1974), Acute Myocardial Infarction, 1st and 2nd eds. (1991, 1997), Techniques and Applications of Interventional Cardiology (1991), Heart Failure (1995) and New Ischemic Syndromes (1997)
  • Recipient, Federal Drug Administration’s Harvey W. Wiley Medal and FDA Commissioner’s Special Citation, American Heart Association Citations for International Service and for Outstanding Service, American College of Cardiology’s Gifted Teacher Award, American Heart Association/Council on Clinical Cardiology’s James B. Herrick Award, and Silver Medal Denolin from the European Society of Cardiology
  • Fellow, Royal College of Physicians, London Chest Hospital/Whittington Hospital, London (1959-1960); Wessex Regional Hospital/Portsmouth Hospital (1960-1963); St. Mary’s Hospital, Rochester/Minnesota Heart Association (1963-1965); University of Birmingham, England (1966-1967)
  • Master, American College of Cardiology and American College of Physicians
  • Resident, Barrowmore Chest Hospital, Chester, England (1956-1957); Whittington Hospital (1958-1959)

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